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As you’ve probably found, the internet (and book stores) are full of real estate investing resources, from books, CDs, websites, etc. As with anything, there are a lot of great ones but also a lot of bad ones. We’d recommend staying away from the high-priced seminars and “gurus” you hear on radio ads. Not only can their info be found easily and cheaply online, but they are usually not that great at what they do they’re great salespeople.
With that said here are a few resources that can be helpful, but my most important piece of advice would be to take action, too many people are plagued by analysis paralysis. Read a book (or two), yes, but the experience you’ll gain by actually doing your first flip or picking up an income property is invaluable.


The plethora of real estate investing books can be overwhelming, but many of them come off more like a sales pitch rather than actual substance. The ones listed below would be my recommended starting point, you don’t need to read all of them as there is overlap, but all provide good knowledge.
  • The Book on Investing in Real Estate With No (and Low) Money Down by Brandon Turner
  • The Millionaire Real Estate Investor by Gary Keller and Dave Jenks.
  • The Book on Flipping Houses by J. Scott.
  • Building Wealth One House at a Time by John Schaub.
  • Landlording on Autopilot by Mike Butler.


Rarely would we direct you away from our website, but there are a few solid sites/forums available. Bigger Pockets is probably the largest and most legit. They have a number of great calculator tools that are specific to investing so you can analyze your deals properly and easily. The site can be found here.

Local Investment Groups

There are a number of real estate investing groups throughout the various counties here in Massachusetts. Not only are they a great source of information but also networking. Being surrounded by people who have done or are in the process of doing what you want to be doing is infectious and may be just what you need to take the next step. If you do a Google search for [your local area] + REI or + real estate investing, it should produce some results.


Our aim is always to develop long-term relationships and work passionately on the client’s behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals. Whether its purchasing your first home or creating passive income, it’s about listening and understanding, getting to know the individual client and their needs, and most importantly taking the stress out of the transaction.

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